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About us

Create an ideal life

our story

We are a newly established team, aiming to provide consumers all over the world with high-quality fashion items. Our products involve: household, outdoor, beauty, clothing and other daily necessities.

Lifestyle determines the quality of life

We will work with you to gradually move towards the ideal life in your heart and create more surprises and satisfaction in your daily life

Global selection, local creation

paupoo is an e-commerce company. Since its establishment in October 2020. Through high-standard selection methods, we have selected more than 6,000 high-qualities and popular products from all over the world.

Our main products are all-encompassing, with the first aim of improving the quality of life of our customers. So far, we have provided products to more than 36,000 customers.

Brand development time

October 2020


July 2021

The number of products exceeds 6,000 and the number of customers exceeds 30,000.

"Pursue the beauty of fashion"

This has always been the core value of paupoo. Our vision is that you can discover and experience beautiful things from all over the world through us, and then create more inspiration and satisfaction in your daily life.