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PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
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PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set
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PAUPOO™ LED Flash Dice Set

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The Rechargeable Electronic Dice D20 Glow LED Dices Magic Trick Pixels DND MTG Board Game.
Having a polyhedral dice set that glows in the dark is a very cool thing to have. The dice set is beautifully colored and easy to read, the game dice shine when you shake them, making it possible to see the numbers clearly even in the dark, making it a very cool game for you to play with your family or friends at home or at parties.

Compared to the previous non-rechargeable light-up dice, upgraded rechargeable dice can be recharged for repeated use, so you no longer have to worry about receiving a dnd dice with only a short life span.

In the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, you and your friends create your own story—entering a world full of adventure where anything could happen.

Whether it’s for a new player, an aspiring Dungeon Master, a fan without a dnd dice set of their own, or a collector looking for their next treasure—led set is the perfect gift for any gaming lover.

Coolest Dice Set
The dice set is the coolest polyhedral dice you've ever seen! The electronic dice set automatically light up when they collide or roll, and the illuminated numbered dices allow you to see the numbers at a glance and are easy to read. It is powered by an internal button battery and comes with a charging compartment to recharge the dice, with a 2-hour charge that lasts up to 6 hours of light. No more worrying about the short life span of a beautiful dice!

Dungeons and Dragons Dice
The mysterious d and d dice set will determine the behavior of your character. This set consists of 7 black dice including D4, D6, D8, and D10 (2pcs), D9, D12, and D20. Good roll and balance, the proper size and weight allow you to navigate through the game.

Great collectible gift idea
This unique set of rechargeable light-up dice is one of the dice collectibles you can't live without. Impress a friend, colleague, or relative who shares your love of role-playing games. Surprise your DND lover on their birthday, graduation, holiday, or any occasion with this deluxe dice set. It's sure to be a gift to remember!

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